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The Pool Heating Depot has the largest inventory of solar pool heating equipment and pool heat pumps in North America. We have been in the pool heating business for 38 years and have the experience and expertise to assist you in all your pool heating needs.

Solar Sizing Guide

We have an online sizing guide for solar pool heaters that will help you determine what type system is right for your particular needs. There are many types of solar pool heating systems offered on the internet that are very inexpensive but are of very poor quality and do little to heat a pool. All of our systems offer a full 5 year warranty on the solar panels and if they are properly maintained should last ten years or more.

Pool Heating Audit

If your particular situation is not conducive to utilizing the sun’s free energy you may want to consider and electric pool heat pump. Electric pool heat pumps are 4 to 6 times more efficient than a typical gas heater. So for every dollar you spend to heat your pool with a pool heat pump you get 5 times more heat in your pool when compared to a gas heater.

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